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PLEASE NOTE When completing your Timetable...

  • Please allocate 45mins for the show

  • Each workshop session is for min 2 class groups; Groups should be Min 40 students (or whole group if total is less than 40) & Max 64 students per workshop session - UNLESS other arrangements have been made.

  • Please include all break / lunch times

  • Yes you may have different workshop lengths for different groups.

  • Please refer to your Booking Confirmation for workshops durations booked.


  • If possible please allow a 10min break between the Show and the first workshop session.



  2. Download and Read the PDF info doc

  3. Press Release for Local Media (if desired)

  4. Download any required resources
    - Parents info pack
    - promotional images


30 - 45mins prior to the start time for set up. Your help with the following will ensure that they are able to “bump-in” very quickly. Please have someone available to meet the Presenter/s at your front office to show them to the correct room or location.

Indoors is always best! if you have a hall, gym, multi-purpose room or library then this is usually the best option. Many skills in the presentation and the Set / Back Drop are easily effected by even the lightest breeze. If your largest most suitable venue is an undercover area please ensure that the most wind sheltered area is chosen for the “stage area”. We always endeavour to be a flexible as possible in terms of space, however wind will certainly impact on the over all experience.

Please allow a performance space of 3-4m deep and 6m wide. Our presenters ARE very flexible and can work in most spaces. This stage space is the desired space but we will always assess the best options upon arrival. Please do not worry too much about this as the Presenter will always work with you on the event day to choose the best location.

Generally this is something our presenters will bring however if you have a PA system suitable for your space please ensure that this is made available on the day. Please ensure that it is set up and working 45mins prior to the start time. If your schools does not own a PA system then a CD player is our min requirement as music is a large part of both the workshop and presentation. 


Seating is different at every school, but generally we find that the following works best as it allows everyone a far clearer view. If the Presentation is to be on an elevated stage then seating can be either on chairs or seated on the floor. If the Presentation is to be on the same level (ground) then please ensure that the majority of the students are seated on the floor (mats/ carpets etc). It can be of benefit for the senior grades to sit on chairs at the back of the audience. 


Please ensure that a 1m wide aisle is made down the centre of the audience. This is to allow easy access for volunteers to the stage. A clear way to the door or exit should also be made available.


Please note that teachers will also be called on to “volunteer” in the show. If anyone is willing to pre-nominate themselves (or someone else) then we are always happy to set this up :-) 


Yes we allow you to take pictures - in fact we highly encourage it! This is a great opportunity to get photos of your students and colleagues having a load of fun. It is also great for student portfolios, visual diaries and class work etc.


Videoing the show and students activities in the workshops is fine, however due to teaching resource and copyright agreements we have made; please do NOT video the instructional elements at the beginning of workshop sessions (sorry).

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If you'd prefer please complete our paper timetable template and fax back. Click HERE to download the pre-visit info pack that includes a timetable (last page of PDF) for you to; Print, Complete, and email back to

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