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school incursions
Whole School Incursions  | Reward Days | Orientations

The 'UP & ACTIVE' Roadshow
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for 'Student Wellbeing & Resilience' + 'Phys-Ed' + 'Performing Arts' Dpts.

School Prices

Circus Challenge
Motivational Show


per person*

60mins Whole School Show all about Team Work + Resilience + Persistence & Attempting great feats + Artist Q&A

For schools that want the "Show Only" Option

Show PLUS +
30min Workshops

per person*

60min Motivational Show inc Artist Q&A

- PLUS - 

30min 'UP&ACTIVE

Circus Skills Workshop sessions

This is our "Circus Express". option. Ideal for Large schools or for juniors.


Show PLUS +
60min Workshops

per person*

60min Motivational Show inc Artist Q&A

- PLUS - 

60min 'UP&ACTIVE

Circus Skills Workshop sessions

The Original!

This is our standard program, providing time to learn a wide range of skills

The BIG One

Show PLUS +
90min Workshops

per person*

60min Motivational Show inc Artist Q&A

- PLUS -

90min 'UP&ACTIVE

Circus Skills Workshop sessions

The BIG One

 dive a little deeper into skill development with extra workshop time!

Fee's & Charges...

  • Your booking can be made up of a mix of workshop lengths (for example: some schools choose for the juniors to do a 1 hr session while seniors do the 90-minute sessions etc).

  • All Prices listed above are Per Person

  • GST is added to the final invoice for Australian Schools ONLY

  • a 10% International Touring surcharge applies to tours outside Australia

  • The Minimum Booking fee for the 'Touring' incursion is $700 and can be made up of any selection of program choices. 

  • Small Schools - We love small schools but understand that cost can be a huge barrier. We have the ability to reduce the min booking fee to $600 for schools with a total enrolment of 35 students or less

  • Travel Fees may apply to bookings that are made outside of the advertised touring schedule. However you will be provided a quote as part of your booking process. Our team will discuss any charges prior to confirming :-)

School Show & Workshop

Show time + Workshops
Team building | Resilience | Motivational

Primary & High School Ages

Suitable for both small / tiny Schools up to large groups of 1000+

Risk Safe.
Fully insured ($30M Liability)

Safe Choice.
17 years touring, over 1m participants. Highly Acclaimed.

Ideal as a whole school show!

Workshops sessions cater for 2 class groups or up to 64 students.

Child Safe.
WWCC / Blue Card complient

Curriculum Connections.
Performing Arts, Health & Physical Education, Personal & Social Capability.



For 60mins; Motivate, inspire, and amaze your entire school!

The Circus Challenge show is something you need to see to believe! Inspire your students to pursue their goals with persistence, focus, and flair. This is not just clowning around, your students will see, hear and learn from professionals about what it takes to achieve their dreams. 


Whether it's superhero teachers performing outrageous routines with a giant unicycle, hula-hooping juniors or juggling feats performed by senior students; this show is about YOUR students taking on the starring roles! Selected students and teachers are involved 'on stage' in almost every routine - this is an active participation show packed full of object lessons and amazing photo opportunities that will leave everyone amazed!



The show is the catalyst for motivating students to step outside their comfort zones and try new things. 

circus skills workshops

Attempt great feats in our exciting & challenging hands-on circus workshops. Our wonderful presenters will guide you through a series of fun circus challenges that provide everyone with the opportunity to learn amazing, difficult, and rewarding skills. Our sessions are tailor-made to fit the group and include a range of skills from our bag of tricks. Juggling, Plate Spinning, Hula-Hoop, Diabolo, Rola-Bola, Twirling Poi, Spin Sticks, Acrobatic Balance, Mini Clown Bike, and fun team-building games are some of the many options that our presenters will draw from to create a unique circus experience for your group.

The Standard Workshop Length is 60mins (per group of <64), but we also offer 30min Circus Express Sessions, as well as our in-depth 90min workshop sessions.

GROUP SIZES - Each workshop session caters to 2 class groups or up to 64 students.

Check Tour Dates. Select your region

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New South Wales
Canberra ACT
New Zealand Aotearoa

Booking Form. Expression Of Interest.

This is our "EXPRESSION OF INTEREST" Booking Enquiry Form. You are not committed to anything at this point :-)

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Get your school UP & ACTIVE with a
Circus Challenge!

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