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Circus Therapy 
Inclusive Circus Programs For All Abilities









Circus Therapy provides unique social development opportunities, focusing on interpersonal skills, interaction and cooperation.

Circus Therapy assists in the physical development of fine & gross motor skills, rhythm & tracking, coordination, strength and physical well being. 

our circus classes provide people of all abilities the space in which they can succeed. Circus Therapy provides a safe, encouraging and supportive learning environment.

All activities provide challenges, development, and learning opportunities. From rhythm, patterns and timing, to spatial awareness, critical thinking and problem solving. 

inclusive circus for all abilities and personalities

Social Circus

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Circus Lab (for ESC)

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Make a Circus...

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OSHC Booking

Social Circus

Sometimes lunchtimes and school, in general, can be the loneliest time for children who struggle with social exclusion. A lunchtime circus program is a safe space with a relaxed program for students who would benefit from a semi-structured ‘club’.


Regarded by peers as a privilege, our lunch programs avoid stigma and encourage new friendships, social interaction, and inclusion. We aim to not only develop new skills but confidence, self-esteem, and resilience in a fun and relaxed social setting. 

GROUPS: Primary + Middle + High School

DURATION: 3 - 6 week programs available.

CLASS: 1 Period (40 - 60mins)

COST: $250 per session for up to 20 students per group. Additional Students $6.50 

Circus Lab (for ESC)

This program is presented over a 5 to 9-week duration. Circus Lab is a fun perceptual-motor skills program for assisting in physical and cognitive development. The sessions cater to small groups and allow students to progress through a series of circus learning stations.

Over the course of the program, students will not only learn a wide range of circus skills but will also have the opportunity to assist in making a school circus kit containing juggling balls, hula hoops, spin sticks, and twirling poi.

GROUPS: Primary + High school

DURATION: Min 5 weeks

CLASS: 1 Period (40 - 60mins)

COST: from $350 per Session. Inclusive of up to 20 participants. Additional students $16.

Group Size: 15-20 students per session (multiple sessions can be run in a day.)

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Make a Circus

We'd love to hear from community groups and events about creating a program specific to your needs. This may be simple workshop sessions, sensory experiences, or even working towards performing your very own circus show!


This is specifically for community groups or events catering to people with special needs, at risk children & youth. 

We love working with groups of all abilities, sizes and locations and have extensive experience in working with people of all ages with wide ranging abilities, children in foster homes, youth detention centres and youth groups.

we have a range of exiting options and ideas - but we'd also love to hear yours!

Please complete the booking enquiry form and we can discuss possibilities.

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social circus
circus lab
make circus

Get your students & community group
UP & ACTIVE with a Circus Challenge!

Welcome to Circus Challenge!  We deliver exciting and engaging shows and hands-on circus skill workshops for schools, festivals & events, OSHC & vacation care, birthday parties, and corporate events. Available in Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom UK, and Asia. We have presenters in Perth WA, Melbourne VIC, Sydney NSW, Brisbane QLD, Adelaide SA, Auckland NZ, Wellington NZ, Christchurch, London UK, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh Cambodia. We can Also connect you with great circus entertainment in America USA, and Canada

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