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Have you been impacted by the booking service malfunction?

Dear Holiday Program Coordinators,

It has come to our attention that a third-party software malfunction has occurred within our automated booking system that allowed several enquiries to be submitted and then continued to give the impression that they were confirmed.

We are extremely apologetic to anyone impacted by this malfunction. We are not currently aware of the full scope as we can not see all the enquiries that were made in our console. PLEASE submit a report using the form below.

It seems that the booking system accepted your booking request - however it did not appear in our console to process. To make matters worse we have been told that several OSHC sites have continued to receive reminders of an "appointment" that we do not have for you. These appointment reminders are unfortunately NOT a confirmation of a booking.


Our booking process includes sending you a booking confirmation to sign - and only then is a booking confirmed.
Unfortunately if you DO NOT have Signed Booking Agreement then we currently do not have a confirmed booking for you OR capacity to include a visit to your site these holidays as we are fully booked.

IMPORTANT: If you DO have a SIGNED PDF booking confirmation with a confirmed price then your booking is confirmed and you can expect everything to go ahead as planned. Please visit to complete your pre-visit information (Please DON'T visit the above address if you do not have a signed booking confirmation)

We are extremely sorry for this situation as we understand this will impact your programs. We are taking steps to remove all automated bookings processes from our site. All future bookings will be processed manually to avoid this happening again.

Our sincere apologies.

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