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team building

positive risk taking

resilience skills

cognitive development

physical education

performing arts



hands-on workshop & performance

imagine your entire school energised & working together! 


Our 'You Be The Star!' school incursion is off the charts in popularity - and its not hard to see why!

Each student (thats everyone from Kindy to Yr 12) is actively engaged in hands-on circus workshops and team challenges that are fast paced, fun and rewarding. Our presenters make learning fun with juggling, plate spinning, diabolo, acrobatic balances, so so much more.


But the real magic happens at the end of the program - 'Show Time!'

For 30-40mins your school is brought to life with non-stop circus challenges, comedic stunts and awesome super stars.

Your students (and staff) become the stars of their very own circus show! Packed full of slap-stick comedy, circus challenges and a fair bit of showing off, this is going to be a show to remember :-) cameras are a must!


Discover more about this program, prices and tour dates here: 


school camps & reward days

bring your school camps and reward days to life with our awesome package. from 2hrs to a full day program or evening entertainment - we've got it covered!


Our super cool camps team provide a turn key solution for team builing, personal development and fun!


Reward days are a fantastic fun day at school for end of term celebrations - Circus Challenge is awesome fro all ages!


super circus science show

an exciting new circus science show that will wow, amaze, and bring newtons laws of physics to life.


This slap stick circus show is packed full of comedy, juggling, spinning, twirling and hopefully catching again.

It's non stop learning fun for primary schools.

 we offer a range of high school ( & senior Primary) circus units for physical education, performing arts and leisure courses


our programs are supported by our online circus units that give students greater access to skill developement through step-by-step illurstrations and videos

high school units